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The Legislative Reference Bureau assists the Hawai`i State Legislature by providing impartial research,consultation, and document drafting services, maintaining a research library, statutes revision and publication, operating a computerized legislative information system, and providing resources to enhance public participation in the legislative process.
see, §23G-3 HRS


Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau

What's New

2015 Legislative Statistics Updates for 2015

Number of Bills Introduced, Passed, Enacted, and/or Vetoed.
Number of Resolutions Introduced and Adopted
Updated throughout Session

*UPDATE* Download the current statistics update for 2015 (pdf)

The Feasibility of Environmental Reorganization for Hawaii.

SCR 135 and HCR 78(1984) requested the Bureau to study the feasibility of a new organizational structure for environmental programs. The decision concerning which programs should be included since many state programs have some effect on the quality of our environment was a difficulty of the task. Limiting the possible components of a new organization to programs for pollution control, pesticide use, food purity, and environmental planning and education and dismissing the consideration of a "superdepartment" structure should not be construed as a denial of the importance of other environmental programs or as a judgment that a "superdepartment" is not feasible for Hawaii.

Download the report:
The feasibility of environmental reorganization for Hawaii. 145 p.

The Feasibility of Transferring the Office of Information Practices to the Department of Accounting and General Services.

HCR 121(2014) requested the Bureau to study the feasibility of establishing the Office of Information Practices on a permanent basis, administratively attached to the Department of Accounting and General Services, and to study the feasibility of establishing positions within the Office of Information Practices as being subject to the civil service laws of the State.

Download the report (pdf, 1.6 MB).

Hawaii Administrative Rules 2014 Table of Statutory Sections Implemented and Directory

a new table of statutory sections implemented of the Hawaii Administrative Rules Directory to enable users to tell at a glance whether state agencies have adopted rules that purport to implement or interpret statutory sections.

Download the report (pdf, 900 kB).

Is the Grass Always Greener? An Updated Look at Other State Medical Marijuana Programs

HCR 48, HD2, SD1(2014) requested the Bureau to complete and submit to the Medical Marijuana Dispensary System Task Force an updated report on the policies and procedures for access, distribution, security, and other relevant issues related to the medical use of cannabis in all states that currently have a medical cannabis program.

Download the report (pdf, 768 kB).

Bills Enacted by the Hawaii State Legislature, Regular Session of 2014 & Bills Vetoed and an Act with Vetoed Items 2014

Two Systems Office publications are now available for PDF download.

  • Acts: list of all of the bills passed by the Hawaii State Legislature during the 2014 Regular Session which have become acts;
  • Vetoes: all the bills and line items vetoed by the Governor this year; included are the bill number, title, and status.

Download the two reports as pdf's.

Supplemental Information Relating to Bills Passed by the Hawaii State Legislatue, Regular Session 2014

This publication includes:

  • a preliminary index that contains a topical listing of the bills passed in 2014 under broad and general subject matter categories;
  • the table of "Laws Affected by Bills Passed" that shows sections of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, Session Laws of Hawaii, and the proposed constitutional amendments that are affected by bills passed;
  • the table of "Status of Bills Passed by the Legislature" that provides a listing of bills passed and includes the Act number, approval date, if any, and the appropriate committee report numbers;
  • the table of H.B. No. 1700, C.D. 1, Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2014, furnished courtesy of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii, that shows the total program appropriations for fiscal years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

Download the pdf, 375kB.

Requests by the Hawaii State Legislature to Agencies and Officials of Federal, State and County Governments and Quasi-Public and Private Agencies

This publication sets forth all of the requests made by the Hawaii State Legislature during the Regular Session of 2014. These requests are contained in acts enacted by the Legislature or bills passed, but which have yet to be approved by the Governor. These acts or bills include specific requests for submission of information back to the Legislature, excluding annual and other reports requested on an indefinite basis.

Download the pdf, 270kB.

Resolutions Adopted, Regular Session 2014 & Bills Passed, 2014 Regular Session.

Resolutions Adopted includes such data as the resolution number, title, introducer, and identification of committee reports on the resolution. Bills Passed includes such data as the bill number, title, introducer, description, committee reports, current status, and sections of the Hawaii Revised Statutes affected by the bill.

Download 2014 session reports.

2014 Directory of State, County and Federal Officials.

The Legislative Reference Bureau is pleased to bring you this edition of the 2014 Directory. The information set forth in this publication is current as of March 21, 2014.

Download the complete volume or by agency.

Overview of Private Insurance Market Reforms in The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act And Resources for Frequently Asked Questions

The Bureau cautions that the information provided herein is for general information purposes only and is not intended to be legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Due to the complexity of the PPACA, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has initiated multiple transitional policies that were not contemplated by the PPACA or the regulatory agencies and insurance companies charged with implementing it. As the PPACA begins to take effect, it appears likely that there may be additional last - minute adjustments to the PPACA's implementation strategy. While the Bureau attempted to prepare this brief using the latest information available, we note that some policies may change as the Department provides ongoing guidance.

Download the new LRB Brief on The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

Listing of Opinions Issued by the Attorney General, State of Hawai`i

A digest of AG opinions since January 1985. Updated annually. Adobe PDF, 376K.

Updated to include the 2013 opinions.


Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 84. Senate Draft 1 (2013) requested the Contractors License Board  to conduct an assessment of each of the contractor licensing classifications under chapter 444, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and chapter 77, Hawaii Administrative Rules, and to prepare a report that evaluates each classification.

The Legislative Reference Bureau assisted in the preparation of this report.

Download this report (pdf, 4.3 MB.)


determines whether other states impose reporting requirements on pesticides that do not fall within the definition of a "restricted use pesticide," as that term is defined under the Hawaii Pesticides Law (chapter 149A, Hawaii Revised Statutes).

Available for download, pdf, 400 kB

Guide to Government in Hawaii, updated 2013

This Guide describes state and county departments and their organization and the agencies of the federal government having offices in Hawaii. Organizational charts of the state government, state departments, and the counties are also included.

Download the complete volume or by agency.

Index to LRB Publications

A cross reference subject index to all LRB reports, 1944 - current, is now available as a pdf document for download. All titles which have digital copies are linked.

Download the Index to LRB Publications (pdf).

Searching for a particular report?

The LRB Library's online catalog contains records of Bureau and state reports with linked URL's for easy and immediate document downloads.

Search the Library's CARD catalog for document information and download.

Hawaii Revised Statutes - how to get the text within a chapter .

Obtaining text of the invidual sections within chapters of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) on the capitol.hawaii.gov website. Because there isn't a way to look at the whole chapter at once, you must view each section within the chapter separately. These instructions will show you step by step how to get to the statutes, volume, chapter and then section.

How to get the section text within a chapter of the online Hawaii Revised Statutes .

Legislative Aids and Manuals

The Bureau continues to make available online its many handbooks and guides to the legislative process. Including, How To Research Constitutional, Legislative, And Statutory History In Hawai`i, and the companion volumes, Directory and Guide to Government in Hawai`i, the documents are downloadable in pdf. Limited print copies are available from the Library.

Digital Services

The Library publishes its twitter, @LRBlibrary, to highlight the trends, issues and resources behind today's news of interest to our Hawaii legislative community. Links to full-text documents, web sites, and news stories.

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