This report is submitted in response to Section 14 of Act 180, Session Laws of Hawaii 2006. Act 180 repealed the Housing and Community Development Corporation of Hawaii (codified as chapter 201G, Hawaii Revised Statutes), and divided its powers and functions between two separate agencies: the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation (established in chapter 201H, Hawaii Revised Statutes) and the Hawaii Public Housing Authority (codified in chapter 356D, Hawaii Revised Statutes).

Section 14 of Act 180 (a copy of which is attached as Appendix A) directed the Legislative Reference Bureau to prepare legislation to amend specified sections of the Hawaii Revised Statutes that currently reference the repealed chapter 201G, or any of its various sections, and to propose substitutions to the new chapters 201H and 356D, Hawaii Revised Statutes. This report recommends various changes to the Hawaii Revised Statutes as required by Act 180, Section 14, and, further, includes recommendations for additional conforming amendments to the Hawaii Revised Statutes and Session Laws of Hawaii.

This report is divided into four parts as follows:

  • Part I explains the references recommended to be substituted in the sections identified in section 14 of Act 180;
  • Part II recommends appropriate amendments to current statutory law to implement the provisions of various laws enacted by the Legislature in 2006 that attempted to amend chapter 201G, Hawaii Revised Statutes, which was repealed by Act 180;
  • Part III recommends conforming amendments to other statutory sections not identified by section 14 of Act 180; and
  • Part IV recommends sections for review by the respective housing agencies to determine the appropriateness of certain amendments.

In conformance with the requirements of section 14 of Act 180, the Bureau has prepared proposed legislation for introduction during the 2007 regular session of the Legislature. The report is organized according to the structure of the bill, and the relevant portion of the bill follows the explanation of the proposed amendments to each statutory section.